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Default Re: Discussion: Why are steroids considered cheating 100% but supps like creatine not at all?

Ok, I'll agree with you there for the most part. You bring up some good points.

What I really want to do is change the subject to something else.

On the Whey tub it even says it has "artificial flavors". Uh-oh, not everything is natural, it must be bad for you. Why is it so important for everything to be natural any way?

They are making some really incredibly accurate synthetic diamonds these days. You could give a girl a fake diamond and she might not know it's fake for the rest of her life. And it would still make her just as happy as if it were real; it had the same effect on her because it is beatiful and represents your love for her.

Now if this girl somehow found out that it was fake, she would be pissed. Why? Because apparently now it isn't about the stone being beautiful, it isn't about the love between you two, it's all of a sudden a horrible present because it isn't natural. Even though it is still as pretty as a real one.

See what I'm saying? What's the big deal here, why does it matter if something is natural or not as long as it does the same thing?

Also, what if tomorrow there is a news story about how scientists have found a way to make a safe steroid, with no more side effects than whey, but that works JUST as good as the old steroids. They say the FDA has decided to make this legal. So then you decide to wait ten years to see if anything bad happens to anybody and it turns out it really is safe. And so now there is a completely safe steroid that pretty much EVERYONE is taking, do you take it or do you not because it isn't "natural"? Do you really care then?

I guess what I'm trying to do is change the argument "I don't take steroids because they aren't natural" to I don't take steroids because they are extremely bad for you and because it has a bad rep."

If there's a really nice girl at your school but everyone in the school think she is easy and everyone says she has diseases and all this stuff. (I know, what a great example, huh?) And you really like her because she's nice to you. You're not going to go out with her because it isn't safe (diseases) and mostly because people will start talking and pretty soon you'll have a bad rep. I think that is why people don't take steroids. Not because it is unnatural, but because it isn't safe and because you care what your peers think of you and your rep could get destroyed if you do take steroids, even though it might be tempting if you are desperate.

And that is why a lot of people who do take them keep it secret, because they have an extremely bad reputation.

Well, keep the discussion goin, but I won't be on for a couple of hours to respond. My families going out to dinner. See ya guys. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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