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Default Re: Discussion: Why are steroids considered cheating 100% but supps like creatine not at all?

How do you guys feel about my opinions, and can you back up yours(especially JohnCrab) so that I can better understand why you think the way you do on this subject? Because John, I completely respect your opinions, but I totally disagree with them and I don't fully understand them.

I mean, if I made one or two people change their mind about this subject and agree with me, I would be happy. But if I didn't, I would atleast want to be able to FULLY understand your guys thinking. If I don't get the former or the latter, than this discussion was a complete waste of time for me.

Specifically, John, you could tell me what you think natural means. I can see where you are drawing your line, but just given the info you've given me, I can't understand why for example, you think supplements are natural while steroids aren't.

Steroids unnaturally increase the amount of testosterone in your body, whereas sound diet and the use of creatine, whey, vitamins, and other supplements merely put your body into optimal performance. Steroids = unnatural increase. Supplements = optimally performing body. Supplements are more effective than just food, but still natural. That's my opinion anyway.

[/ QUOTE ]

When I read your post, I can easily use the transitive property to come to the solution that Supplements = steroids. For example, if steroids = unnatural increase and supplements = optimally performing body, and unnatural increase = optimally performing body, so supplements = steroids. Meaning that supplements aren't actually a steroid, but that they are both unnatuaral and used for the same thing.
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