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Default Re: Discussion: Why are steroids considered cheating 100% but supps like creatine not at all?

First of all, I'd like to say that I respect all your opinions.

Second of all, When I made this topic I wasn't really sure exactly where it was going to go. I wish I had made the topic title different, because I think we can ALL agree that steroids ARE cheating simply because they are against the rules. We all know that. I would like to sway away from that and what I really want to focus on is why if things are "natural" it sounds like they are great for you and you should be doing it that way. But if something is unnatural, it is all of a sudden the worst thing in the world?

I think Whey is just as natural as Testosterone, and just as natural as both of those is Merry Juana. (had to spell it wrong because it's a banned word)

Another question is where do we draw the line at for what is considered natural and what isn't? Some of you might say the obvious: if it's made by nature it's natural.

But those same people would probably consider a cheeseburger to be natural. They are made by all natural ingredients, right? But a cheeseburger is made by a human. They don't just fall out of the sky. So why aren't you pissed off at the bodybuilders who eat cheeseburgers to gain muscle? The cheeseburger was made by people using ingredients just like steroids are and just like whey is.

I think calling steroids or supplements "natural" is a stretch. Sifting the whey out of processed mozarella cheese and doctoring it up in a lab to make whey protein powder doesn't seem especially natural. Let's have a look at the ingredients in my ON protein: whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whey peptides, cocoa (processed with alkali), natural and artificial flavor, lecithin, salt, sucralose, acesulfame potassium. It doesn't sound "natural" to me.

[/ QUOTE ]

Exactly! We are drawing our lines at the same place, inbetween what is actually made by nature and what isn't made in nature.

But there are people who draw their lines right in the middle of the unnaturals. What I mean is, they say "hey, a cheeseburger is fair, but steroids aren't because I can't buy steroids at Mcdonalds."
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