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Default Discussion: Why are steroids considered cheating 100% but supps like creatine not at all?

I mean, I'm totally against steroids in MOST situations(anything competitive like bodybuilding, cycling, highschool/college sports, the Olympics, etc.)

And I'm completely for all the great supplements that most of us here take like Whey, creatine, etc.

Many people on here feel that steroids are cheating, or that people who take them are weak minded because they are unnatural.

However, all of us here use supplements to help us get to our goals faster.

There is a difference between steroids and supplements, like whey, for instance. Steroids are extremely bad for you, especially if you haven't done the research and aren't having blood tests done. Steroids are said to be unnatural. While whey IS natural supposedly, and safe.

But they have a lot of similarities. They are both used by people who are in sports or competitive things that want to become better or bigger. They both do make you better. They both are used to give you an edge.

What I really don't get is, how one thing can be considered unnatural and another thing that is ultimately used for the same purpose(to achieve goals faster/get better faster)be considered natural. Who is to say that steroids are unnatural. I mean, when you break them down, they are just atoms like you and me and whey and creatine and everything else in this world. How can someone say that anything on Earth is unnatural?

It's like kids playing game and one kid thinks he has the power to make up new rules as the game goes along about what is fair and what isn't fair. So why are our supplements fair and steroids not fair?
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