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Default Re: How to Optimize Fat Efficiency in the Diet Part II - Essential Fats

Great research!

This problem could theoretically be avoided by supplementing with the more active forms.

[/ QUOTE ]

That is my sentiments exactly. Your quote on omega 6 fats further supports this. It just makes sense to me to get straight EPA and DHA and GLA, instead of going through a middle man. This would seemingly avoid any conversion issues.

The experiment that needs to be done (I don't know if they have tested this) is to give someone 10 grams of LNA and 10 grams of straight EPA and DHA, and then measure several variables such as insulin sensivity, protein degredation, cardiovascular diseases, etc. and see how much more effective EPA and DHA are. That would be an awesome study. You could also test this, in the presence of omega 6 fatty acids, which should interfer with the benefits of LNA, but not EPA and DHA. For instance, lets say that if you only consume omega 3 fats, then EPA and DHA are just twice as effective as LNA; but if you combine that with omega 6 fats (which you probably should) then it may be three times more effective.

The next question is: how much EPA and DHA do you need in total? Same thing for GLA?

The dosages they adminster in most of these studies are really small. For instance, that study you quoted above: 2 grams of ALA and 1.5 grams of GLA daily. That is barely the RDA. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]
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