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Default Re: How to Optimize Fat Efficiency in the Diet Part II - Essential Fats

I am curious what the typical strict bodybuilding diet (not considering oil supplements) gives in terms of an omega-6:3 ratio. I know the general population gets many n-6 fats from fried foods etc, but bodybuilders generally avoid this. I also wonder if such a varied ratio can affect conversion of LNA to DHA/EPA..

If a person minimizes n-6 fatty acids and uses large amounts of n-3 fatty acids [ie, > 2 tbsp (28 g) flax oil/d], resulting in an n-6-to-n-3 ratio of < 1:1, insufficient LA conversion to AA can occur. Elongase and desaturase enzymes preferentially convert n-3 fatty acids, when compared with n-6 fatty acids. A balance of 2:14:1 (n-6:n-3) appears optimal for vegetarians and others who do not receive preformed EPA and DHA.

[/ QUOTE ]
This claims too little (relative) n6 FAs will cause limited conversion to AA and presumably GLA (which you mention above).

It would be nice if someone would market an oil with an optimal ratio of n6:n3 and containing the most active derivatives.
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