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Default Re: No pain, but tendon \"pops\" back and forth under elbow.

I've been working around this, and I think it's getting BETTER. Seriously. I set out 4 weeks ago with a theory on this, and I swear, being real honest it's working. That is, I've tried to "gut check" myself and see if I'm only thinking it's working because I want it to, and NO, that's not it, as far as I can tell.

I've been restricting bench to dumbells ONLY, and only that range of motion that doesn't make it pop. As a side effect, I feel like I can concentrate more on my chest and tri's doing so, and stay off my shoulders.

So what to do about shoulders then? Well, oddly enough, I started to notice that my shoulder on that side also pops slightly when contourted wrong. I think the two are connected, like there's a giant tendon from shoulder to my pinky knuckle. Did I mention that I'm missing my nuckle above the pinky on that hand? I know, bizarre as hell, but it's been that way as long as I can remember.

Anyhow, shoulders. Today, as chance would have it, I tell a guy in the gym what I've got. He says, "Watch my leg, I've got the same thing." Sure enough, just past 90 degrees, a ligament behind his knee pops the EXACT same way. Hmmm....

So he shows me a limited range military press. How? Bring the bar straight to the TOP of your head. Like if you were to drop it, you'd crush your cranium. PERFECT! I blew up my shoulders like never before, and no elbow pain.

I kept my hands a little closer than I do on other movements, with my middle finger on the rings.

Doing all these things seems to keep my 'nerve' in place better. When I get a pump, especially in the triceps, it doesn't want to move around as much. My theory (as I think someone might have suggested here) is that I have an imbalance between bi and tri power and I need to correct it. I think it's working.

Keep this discussion alive, as this seems to be one thing that is fairly common, but no one really knows what it is exactly. It seems we can all make it happen sometimes, but can't fully grasp the concept. Like female orgasm.

Sorry, I walked right into that, and couldn't pass up the opportunity.

anyhow, keep it going.
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