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Default Re: Should We Starve Ourselves for 8 Hours Everyday?!?

I agree with Book. I probably won't do this. I thought about it, but then I was like, thats impossible, its hard for me to sleep less than 9+ hours and when someone wakes me up (IF I wake up) before my natural wake up, it really disturbs me and I cant sleep again before a couple of hours and I stay with headaches all day.

With that being said, for me, 2-4 hours of catabolism ain't worth missing a workout because of headache or messing my schedule up. But for guys that wake up during their sleep, like War and ShanMan, I think its awesome to stay anabolic 24/7.

So I think it depends upon the person, if someone already wakes up during sleeping and doesn't disrupt his sleep cycle, I think positives outweight negatives. But for someone like me and Book, I think negatives outweigh positives.
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