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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

On leaving weights on -

It depends on the apparatus we are discussing. For the leg press, as stated above VERY FEW people will use less than one 45lb plate (including women). The only situation I can imagine is some sort of rehab. So I leave one plate on after doing this exercise.

For a cage or rack, I would say take ALL the weights off. Yes, most people (well depending on the gym you go to - LOL) use it for squats, and of course they can start at one plate for a warmup and such. But there are still a lot of people that don't (far more than leg press). Not to mention the variety of exercises you can do here, such as lunges that you might desire a lower weight. Also - remember height. I am pretty short, 5'7, so when a 6'6 dude leaves the bar 1 foot above my head (his squat start height) with the weights on it does become a chore to have to take them off before readjusting the clips lower.

Other things that piss me off -

people leaving their towels, music players, car keys, etc on a bench THEY ARE NOT USING. They can be doing curls standing up but they leave their items on the bench 1 foot away from them. There is no reason for this, I have to ask them if I they are using the bench and they say 'no' and look all annoyed as they pull their things off.
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