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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

The not taking plates back is starting to be a problem at my gym. Sometimes, half of the gyms plates are on different bars all ove the place.

One time my mom did a set of standing calf raises not realising that she was lifting an additional forty-five pounds(an extra plate)!

I have gotten a lot of comments during sets, that is what gets on my nerves. What does that work? or the less polite WHAT are you doing?!?!???! Questions and what not during intense sets. I also don't like comments, when people think they are encouraging me, they are really ruining my concentration and will to complete a certain ammount of reps.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is when people do triceps extensions on the high pulley in the cable crossover station when there is an idividual high pulley somewhere else in the gym. There is only one cable crossover station in the entire gym and it is used for cable crossovers, chin-ups, any low pulley exercise, there is no need to do anything else in there.
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