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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

Haha! What a moron! "Yeah uh, let's ponder on wormholes and time travel while you finish your 3RM deadlift attempt." Yeah, no talking during a set or a strip set. But you know if you're doing a drop set using different dumbbells they are gonna get you when you go to switch em up.

I forgot to mention that there was a TV in the weight room due to the World Cup. I'm pretty sure that fat guy never actually works out. I have only seen him bothering other people, reading the newspaper, and waddling around. I mean, not to make fun of the guy or anything, but dude, you're a nasty slob.

Thou shalt not give others unsolicited advice.

And I hate it when I'm finishing up a total reps set or a drop set and people sneer at the weight I'm struggling with at the end. It shouldn't bother me though, because my intelligence on physiology and kinesiology probably far exceeds theirs.

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