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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

7/6/06 speed bench
speed bench-165 8x3
smith machine milt press-b+160*8, b+170*7,6 (i dont like smith machine)
bench lockout-225*8, 250*8, 275*8
pullups-40 reps (15, 12, 7, 6)
elbows out ext-40*12, 45*12, 50*12
seated cable rows (long bar)- 12*12, 13*12
side laterals-40*10,12, 45*8
hammer curls-45*10,10, 50*8

10mins treadmill 4mph


*pretty good 9 out of 10. i was using less rest than normal today and my whole upper body was pumped. the only thing i didnt like was the smith machine milt press it feels so unnatural to me and i do better with a bb.
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