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Default Re: Should We Starve Ourselves for 8 Hours Everyday?!?

The title may sound ridiculous, but that is what most of us have done daily for the majority of our lives. That is, we donít eat anything for 8 hours + while sleeping at night.

So I have three questions.

1. Should we wake up in the middle of the night to eat, or starve for 8 hours?
2. What are the positives and negatives to eating in the middle of the night?
3. If you were to eat in the middle of the night, what would you eat, and why?

[/ QUOTE ]

Well firstly I don't think we'd be starving ourselves for 8 hours, because the pre-bed caesin meal would last at least 4 hours before catabolism starts to occur.

But at night, when metabolism is lower and the body requires a lot less energy to function, how catabolic is sleeping? Personally I don't think it is at all - matter of fact I would argue against chronically waking yourself up via unnatural means (alarm clock which the Circadium articles show wrecks havoc on a proper sleep cycle) as it would affect the NREM/REM cycle for releasing anabolic hormones. I would assume on a proper diet with meals every 2-3 hours, in a whole week anabolism would occur at 80% of the time while you can only receive the hormonal benefits of sleep...when you sleep [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

1. No, I believe the costs outweigh the benefits
2. The positives are you will stimulate an anabolic environment, the negatives is you will disrupt your sleeping cycle which would have major drawbacks (could lead to insomnia, trouble sleeping, lesser testosterone levels).
3. Well I'd eat a blend meal of caesin and a fast digesting source with a small amount of fats. IMO the insulin sensitivty created in the morning serves a great benefit in refilling glycogen, especially on a cut.

Another thing is wouldn't the cortisol rise create a better environment fot sleep. I remember reading that chronic cortisol release is bad, but in proper amounts it has a relaxing effect.
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