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Default Re: Excessive creatine supplementation - request

that first con is bollock.... creatine interfiers with body temperature er no it doesnt or kids eating meat would have this problem already
the second is using a case study where they took ridicously lafge amounts so thats crapo as well

[/ QUOTE ]

Correct and correct.

I can say that I took Creatine and had no negative side effects. All you need to do is drink appropriate amounts of water, and if you are already drinking the reccomended 8 - 12 cups a day, you shouldnt have a problem anyways. I drink 4 cups of water with each meal and I eat 5 - 6 meals a day, so that gives me more than 20 cups in one day, lol. I'm pissing like a racehorse all **** day. But anyhow, the only time Creatine ever had a negative side effect (if this was even coming from the Creatine), was when I didn't drink alot of water during the day because I was rushing and about 30 mins after taking creatine, I got a bad stomach cramp that lasted for about 30 mins. In other cases, my body is mostly a Creatine nonresponder, but it depends on the brand of Creatine I take. Some brands dont work for me and others light the strength and energy in my body up like a Christmas tree.

But otherwise, I agree that alot of these case studies are where people are making rediculously stupid statements and overkilling tests. Of course if you overload a guy with insanely huge amounts of Creatine, the guy is going to get problems and even perhaps die from it. If you do the same thing with, say, tylenol, the SAME effect will happen. Too much of anything is bad for you. Thats why I dont like these clinical trials and case studies where they take test subjects and overload them with insane amounts of stuff like sucralose, other artificial sweeteners, creatine, etc. etc. etc. and then when the test subject displays huge negative results, the people doing the testing are quick to point fingers and go "SEE!! SEE!!!!! LOOK! IT CAUSED CANCER! THIS MEANS THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER USE [insert supplement here] BECAUSE IT CAN CAUSE [insert disease/side-effect here]"

If you know something isnt good for you, then dont use it. I know that MSG in foods gives me bad feelings and negative results, so I don't eat foods with MSG.

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