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Default Loose Skin Theory

Hello everyone. This is my first post, but I must admit I'm not new to ABC Bodybuilding. I have actually been "creeping" on the site for almost three years now... I decided to finally take the plunge and join because I want some input on the issue of loose skin.

I have been plagued by loose skin for a few years now. At times I wonder if it will ever go away. However, recently while searching online I came upon an article that said with further fat loss the skin would tighten up naturally. The article said that most people don't go all of the way with fat loss and stop without realizing there is still a significant amount of fat under the skin, and by losing the fat the skin would tighten. This goes against the common belief that the skin has to be surgically removed because skin only has so much elasticity. How do you feel about this theory?
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