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Default Re: Failure Training

I've been thinking about this over the last few weeks and have come to a few more ideas.

Well I've been cutting and IMO (this goes to TheMac) you were right that stuff like dropsets/supersets should not be taken to failure but close to it, on a cut though. IMO on a bulk (which im doing now) failure on EVERY set except for heavy 3-5 rep sets

Also I have been thinking about the different adaptions different programs bring out. Failure is probably more suited for programs that center on breaking down a muscle for a rebound effect (shock training, HIT, high volume training) while non-failure training is best suited for programs that mainly center around weight progression.

Overall though I think they're CAN be a happy medium but it also goes by individual feel as well. I've read about people making great strength gains going to failure and others better not going to failure. This to me shows that people have different tolerances for it so it's best to experiment (just like dieting and training styles) what works best for you.

Anyone wanna comment on my post? Feel free I'd love it.
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