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Default Re: Competition—the Struggle for Excellence or Victory?

Gee, alot of feedback here so far...

So here are my unresearched, uneducated thoughts...

I believe that competition can be seen to be made up of jealousy and selfishness, which seem to be human nature. We as humans want to be seen as the best, simply superior to the rest. When we see opposition in other humans, it is natural for us to try and beat them at whatever they're doing, to make ourselves seen as superior. As far as it being a social contruct, i also believe it too be, to a degree. Obviously if one has no competition you can't really observe competitiveness, which suggests that society does has an impact, making it learned. I guess competition is always in us, it just takes a trigger or spark to bring it out of us.

For some people, competition may be optimal for performance. Most people have rivals who they're always competing against. They are likely to say that it's the competition between them and their rival that drives them to strive to perform aswell as they can and then some. Others, however, will see other competitors or rivals as barriers preventing them from achieving optimally. These people see those who are better than themselves at something as a negative concept, and feel negative about themselves. How can somebody perform optimally if they dont believe in themself? I guess competition will only help those who are game to the competition.

Ofcourse competition motivates people. Motivation can be as simple as 'if i beat him in this race, i would have improved so much since last year." Observing this competition is always inspiring, which also motivates. So as one can see, competition, for those who want it, will motivate. As for fun, i guess its only fun for those who want the competition. It can really put those who dont want it into a negative state, which will hinder performance.
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