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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

thanks man and you got some pretty good numbers considering your age. stay focused and you will meet your goals.

6/5/06 Legs/lowerback/abs/calves/forearms

Squats-320*5, 335*5, 350*5 (had to grunt out the last rep)
rack pulls (standing on 100lb plates at knee level)-405*5,
435*5, 465*5 (chalk no straps)
Leg press-600*6, 700*6, 800*6 (no half reps i do them full rom)
pull-thrus- 9*15,12

ab pd (1 sec pause at top)-12*12, 13*12,12
weighted reverse crunch-12lbs*12
gorilla chins-8

hs calf-450*12, 500*10, 520*8

hs grip squeeze- 180*15, 200*12, 215*10

15mins treadmill

*9 out of 10. squats felt real good today real good. getting deep felt easy today. this is the best squats have felt in a long time. next week my goal is to go 10lbs heavier.
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