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6/1/06 Deadlifts
Deadlift-135*8, 225*6, 315*3, 405*5 (NEW PR)

then i put the plates back and a 25lb plate falls out of the rack and hits me right in the back of my hand from about 2 feet above my hand as im putting a 45lb plate back. My first reaction is to curse and get mad then i see there is a cut and my hand is swollen to like 3x the normal size. Luckily it wasn't broken but i had to go to the emergency room for x-rays and medication. I am mad at this because now i can't lift till it is better. Hopefully i can finish the rest of my back workout saturday and then do arms sunday. However, that means i have to lift 7 days in a row to make up for the missed days. I know accidents happen and it really isn't anyones fault. But now whenever i put a plate back im going to be extra careful because this could have been a lot worse.
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