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Well, i'm not realy knoledgeable in this but what I described earlier is probably muscular failiure. I have heard a lot about the nervous system failing before the muscle so that was what I was trying to get at.

I think failiure can be vary important and like to lift something like 12,10,9reps going to failiure each time with not to much rest between sets. This seems to create a better pump than resting enough between every set to do the same amount of reps(this never made sense to me) or even worse upping the weight. It would seem that if you can totaly exaust the muscle better, in less time this way. Is this kind of failiure good for hypertrophy?

Failiure only seems to be realy exausting if you do alot of reps, so I doubt it would be overtraining. For a while I did one set of pushups a day 'till failure and got good results(although I know that it is not optimal).
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