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As for a person who uses failure training on every set, I feel that TheMac is right in some cases. I feel that it does lead to overtraining if you are training 2x per week. I think I have made a mistake by doing this, my body is kinda hurting right now. My shoulder, my elbow, my knee are all hurting constantly. But it is probably like a 2 out of 10 on the pain scale.
So, do you think that I should only go to failure on my last set when doing high reps? Or on low rep days? I do get very very tired when doing bench and I do 12 reps to failure. Then for my second set of 10 I have to lower the weight a whole lot. So I'm thinking that maybe just go to failure on my last set on high rep days. But what about low rep days? This is a very interesting topic.
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