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Default Research Initiative of the Week: Critiquing Commercials

I think this will be a fun thread. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

So I was riding the elliptical at my gym today, and I saw a couple of commercials that made me laugh! I had my ipod on, so I could not hear them (plus, they were low volume, and a little far away from me). So let me know if I missed any details if you guys have seen these.

Anyway, I want to start a thread where people post, and critique commercials they see. Threads in here should consist of the following:

1. Post a commercial you saw, and scientifically say why it was incorrect
2. Post a commercial you saw, and say why you think it was solid.
3. If you saw a commercial, and do not know whether it was good or not, but would like to, post it here.

Iíll post the ones I just saw today in a minute!
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