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Well I agree that failiure is not beign able to complete the concentric portion of a rep with good form or not being able to hold weight in a static position like you guys said.This is normaly how I describe failiure, however there is another type of failiure.

Think of it for a second, once you can't lift a weight on the concentric, you are not lacking a lot of strenght to do so; a spotter could lift the rest of the weight in a bench press with two fingers. So in reality you didn't realy fail you still have most of you strenght for more sets. If you are lifting heavy weights few muscle fibers have been stimulated and failed. If you don't get all questions right on a test and did 90%, you didn't fail. I think this type of failiure would have to be attained though multiple stip sets to stimulate lots of fibers, to the point where you cramp up and the weight is irrevelant. Like if you are doing leg curls with 70lbs to concentric failiure, striped and did the same with 60,50 and 40lbs you may cramp up and no longer be able to curl your legs with 10lbs.

I think that eccentric failiure is not possible, it can't be calculated unless you a shooting for a specific time.

What about rest-pauses? To attain failiure wouldn't you have to utilise them as much as possible?
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