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Default Re: Failure Training

This is all in my opinion

-Failure training is for lagging bodyparts/prioritising bodyparts in terms of hypertrophy.
-Failure training should be avoided for body parts that aren't lagging - but this ties into my next point
-Failure training is rough. Not to sound offensive to anybody here but I don't believe anyone can HONESTLY be as intense on there 1st set of the week compared to there 150th+ (talking about build up of fatigue). While these later sets are still productive they're not as harsh on the CNS as previous sets. There is a big difference between 1 rep before failure and true failure
-Failure training, while not counter productive for strength gains, doesn't allow you to train as frequently and causes more fatigue. But on the other hand adding in a set or 2 too complete failure will help train better motor unit firing

all of this is my opinion though.
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