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I hope so, too. Let us know if you have any questions.


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Right On!
I could spend all night on this article! I have just made a one hour study out of it.

As is stated in the beginning of the article - bodybuilding is taking the nutrients that God graciously gives us, and we give our bodies, and using them for anablic purposes and away from fat storing purposes.
If saturated fats have a single bond and are then more stable - does this then mean that they are less susceptible to oxidation?
Since unsaturated fats are less stable, does this mean that oxidation occurs more readily?
OK. That means if it is oxidized,it is burned or used for energy, or for an anabolic reaction. I am straight with that.
It just seems to me that the whole biochemical process of the body metabolism and muscle building is so complex and at the same time is much like feeding or even just making a fire - with fuel, oxygen, heat from exercise, chemical reactions and chain reactions - and then regulation the the heat and the processes for optimal gains the end.
So are new muscle tissue then the biproduct of a chemical reaction within the body?
In this process there must be something else that is created -heat? or gas?
So the question I have to be solved is what is the equation?
This plus this plus this equals new muscle, with the byproduct of this and this.
Does saturated or unsaturated fat fit into this or play an integral part in the process of forming a new muscle cell?

These are some ideas I have come up with from what I have studied here.
Hope this helps! I am here to serve you too!
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