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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

3/27/06 speed/top half bench

speed bench-165* 6sets of 3
cg bench-235*3, 245*3, 255*3
board press-260*3, 270*3, 280*3
lying t-bar row-137.5*8, 140*8, 142.5*8
bench lockouts-285*3, 295*3, 305*3
hammer curls-55*8, 60*7,6
side laterals-35*12, 40*10, 45*8
rope face pulls-10*15, 11*14, 12*12 (smaller plates)

9mins at 6.5
1min at 7.5
5min walk

35cg pu

*good workout 9 out of 10. i felt rested suprisingly because i did a 4mile road march with god knows who much weight on saturday and barely spelt at all this weekend except for last night till this morning i splet real good. if i had someone to go the gym with me today i woulda prolly maxed my bench i felt real strong today. hopefully thursday ill feel this good and hit a new max.
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