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I haven't read the last couple posts yet, but I had an idea, and I only have a sec - I'll check back after work. But, because we usually sweat during exercise, our pores open up, exposing the first layer of defense - our skin! Do you think that would make us more suseptible to germs?

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I have never heard that, but I think that is a great postulation, bro. I am going to have to look into that more. Thanks!

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2 Yrs ago I suffered a very bad bout of cellulitis in the right knee. I had a fever of 105 degrees and the injection of antibiotic in the tush did nothing and they had to send me to hospital emergency room and put me on IV antibiotics.

The pain from that cellulitis was one of the worst I ever experienced in my life and I have pretty high threshold to pain!

I have talked to several doctors and they said that usually cellulitis (skin infection) comes from a break in the skin but there was no break!

Then they asked me about my lifestyle and how I was into very heavy workouts. They said that during workouts that the skin pores do open very large and bacterias can get in very easily.

A Physician pathologist who is a patient of mine confirmed that it is true that the skin pores can get large enough that bacterias can get in.

At that time I was extremely hardcore in my workouts.

And I never had cellulitis in my life.

Cellulitis if untreated could be deadly if the infection goes to the bloodstream and to the whole body.

I had a patient that got cellulitis from just a paper cut.
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