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Default Re: Tip of the Week: Cardiovascular System and Fat Burning

Interestingly enough an untrained person will have an aerboic threshold of about 40% of their Max VO2, while elite Cross Country Skiers are able to work at 90% of their max VO2 while remaining in their aerobic system, How cool is that! This would traslate to being able to do near sprints while still having fat as the major energy source!

[/ QUOTE ]

That's awesome, but is there anyway the average person can determine this for him/her self?

I'm thinking something like the "talk/sing" test while exercising.
Let's say I'm doing cardio, and I can still talk at 150BPM with out gasping, but if I kick it up to say 165, and can talk, with pauses with breathing. My threshold might be somewhere in between.

Thanks for the information...I have some reading to do. Or re-reading as it were.
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