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Default Tip of the Week: Cardiovascular System and Fat Burning

Many people ask me what intensity should they do their cardio at but the truth is it depends on the rest of your training. Amazing article written by Venom on the topic can be found at:

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But i want you to understand one more thing about cardiovascular training, the better shape your cardio system is in the more fat you burn during ANY activity. Did you know that as your cardiovascular system increases so does the threshold for your aerobic system? this means that a higher percent of fat is burned at higher intensities. This also creates a higher percentage of fat being burned while you are at rest!

The reason for this is mostly due to our mitochondria. Mitochondria soak up fat for energy unlike any other system so the more we have the better!

Interestingly enough an untrained person will have an aerboic threshold of about 40% of their Max VO2, while elite Cross Country Skiers are able to work at 90% of their max VO2 while remaining in their aerobic system, How cool is that! This would traslate to being able to do near sprints while still having fat as the major energy source!

This proves to be very important for bodybuilders as we strive to burn as much fat as possible while keeping our glycogen stores as full as possible.

In times of a major caloric restriction i would not recommend doing too much high intensity cardio as you want to preserve your carbs but if you train under 4 times a week with weights or are on a bulk, high intensity cardio will make future cuts that much easier!!


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