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Default Re: Research Question of the Week: What is Stress?

From my research, moderate intensity exercise would be optimal for this goal. So for weights, I would do 12-15 reps for instance, if that was your goal. It should actually help relieve tension.

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I absolutely agree with this. I always feel very relaxed a couple hours after training.

Something interesting I learned in a class once. If a muscle is overly tight, you can over stretch it very quickly, then relax it. This will trigger the "Golgi Tendon Organ" to cause the muscle to relax even further. The muscle in the example was the levator scapulae.
I'm not sure how this would apply, but I find it interesting.

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Manipulating proprioreceptors is the bases of progressive relaxation (discussed by the Mac). It is really effective.

Thanks for your tips, Vlad.


if a person is genetically inclined to a certain desease, let's say fibromyalgi, hormonal changes caused by stress might create a "healtier" enviroment for that desease. ie improve risk for catching it.

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No question.

It appears that fibrinogen content increases with stress, and clots blood, which can then lead to a Thrombus (accumulation of blood cloting that can cause serious damage in arteries impeding blood flow etc.) and embolus (when the thrombus breaks off, and then gets caught somewhere; i.e. an emblus in cerebrum can causes a stroke)
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