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excellent article venom. This is an example of why Omega 3's are so important in our diet, because they help decrease that inflammatory response, so it would be interesting to see the effect omega 3 supplementation would have on this effect

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That is a great point. I don’t recall reading much about the anti-inflammatory effects of food on immune suppression. Only about its influence on hormones.

You guys are giving me such great ideas. Thanks a lot!

And speaking of diet…here is some information. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

Based on the evidence that hormones play an important role in immune function, it has been hypothesized that diet, particularly carbohydrates, could modulate the immune response to exercise. In this context, Kramer (as reported by Judy, 1995) investigated the effects of diet and exercise on immune function in 3 male and 1 female army training group. Participants were divided into four conditions. All three conditions of males metabolized 4,000 calories daily. Males in condition one consumed 1,300 fewer calories than they metabolized; males in condition two consumed 900 fewer calories than they metabolized; males in condition three consumed 250 fewer calories than they metabolized. Results indicated that t-cell response decreased by 50-60, 30, and 20% in condition one, two, and three, respectively. Conversely, the female group consumed an equal amount of calories to what they metabolized, and, improved t-cell response by 150-200 percent. The counfounding variable here could be gender differences; however, there seems to be a consistent trend that the immune system will be suppressed according to the magnitude of caloric deficit, when combined with physical activity.

Several studies have also indicated that carbohydrate consumption before, during and after exercise attenuates cortisol and other stress hormones, and diminishes the decline in immune function after exercise (Bente, Pedersen & Laurie, 2000). For instance, Nieman et al. (in press) investigated the effect of a carbohydrate fluid (6% carbohydrate beverage of Gatorade) ingestion on immune response to 2.5 hours of running. The drink was consumed before, 1 hour into the run, and immediately after the run. Results indicated that the carbohydrate solution significantly attenuated both cortisol and post exercise lymphocytopenia. However, carbohydrates have not been shown to abolish post exercise immune system impairment (Bente, Pedersen & Laurie, 2000).
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