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Default Re: Research Question of the Week: What is Stress?

You are on fire, bro! I am glad I started this thread. We can continue this conversation for a while. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]


-A modern form of an acient Asian technique that invloves maintaining awareness in the present moment. You tune in to each part of your body, scaning from head to toe, noting the slightest sensation. You allow whatever you experience, an itch, an ache, warmth to enter your awareness. Then you open yourself to focus on all the thoughts, sensations, sounds, and feelings that enter your awareness. This will keep you in the here and now, thinking about what is rather than about what if or if only.

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I was familar with the other techniques, but this was new to me. Its interesting how it is almost opposite to the other methods.

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I actually would call this Progressive Relaxation for the mind. You focus on everything that is within your sensory perception NOW. You become acutely focused...then you relax. I've used this many times in the past. Focus on everything I can. After a while of doing this, (like an hour or more) you greatly alter your state of awareness. You are extremely calm, you have sharp mental focus, and things start to happen with regularity you might pass off as "coincidence" at other times. I personally feel at this time you are uniquely intuned to what I can only call "God's voice". It's an amazing experience. You sense and feel things that usually pass you by. You understand concepts that have alluded you in the past.

I really don't know how to properly explain it, but it's an amazing sense of spirituality.
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