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Default Tip of the Week: Understanding the Biceps Brachii

Seeking a way to hit the different heads of the biceps? well here is one thing that will make things a lot easy once you understand:


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The Long head of the biceps brachii helps stabilize the shoulder joint which means that any movement where the shoulder is extended (taken past your body) will stretch this head creating a greater emphasis on it. This means that lying curls and incline curls are great exercises for the long head!

On the other hand the more flexion that occurs at the shoulder joint (raising your arms) the greater emphasis on your short head since the long head is actually more taught. This would suggest that exercises such as high pulley curls and preacher curls are excellent for the short head!

One more thing to note would be how wide your grip is, the wider the more short head is emphasized and the closer the more the long head is. This is also due to the origin of the long head, as you rotate your shoulder outwards you are actually making the long head more taught!

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Hopefully understanding the biceps brachii will make your biceps training that much more effective!! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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