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Default Tip of the Week: Reducing Cramping

Here is a tip given to us by our very own vice president Venom!

<font color="red"> We have all experienced the cramping sensation in our sides, or around our neck from vigorous physical activities.

What is this phenomena, and how can we avoid or relieve its symptoms?

Well, you have several muscles that help you to breath at rest and during exercise. Here is an outline:

Inhalation mechanics — at rest
Diaphragm contracts flattens
External intercostals-raise ribs

Inhalation mechanics — during exercise
Diaphragm contracts flattens
External intercostals-raise ribs
Scaleni-elevates 1st&amp;2nd ribs
Sternocleidomastoids-elevate sternum

Exhalation mechanics — at rest
No muscle action (just relaxation)

Exhalation mechanics — during exercise

Internal intercostals-lower ribs
Abdominals-depress lower ribs force diaphragm into thorax

Cramping of breathing muscles is because they are not well developed.

Slowing down breathing rates, and increasing the depth of your breaths helps the cramping—as it decreases the work of the muscles, giving them more rest time.

This effect will dissipate as your capacity to express the skill of running or other activities increases. Make sure you stay hydrated, and are having enough electrolytes, too.

Thanks Venom! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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