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Default Re: Tip of the week: Keeping your elbows in

If you always keep your elbows in, for exercises such as tricep presses and bicep BB curls, you woulnt be able to vary your grip as much, and not hit diffrent sections of the muscle as well. Right?

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Well first off i was speaking in terms of pushing or pulling exercises which will mainly be back and chest movements where we actually want our biceps and triceps to do less work than needed rather than extension and flexion(or curls) where they are designed to make them do more work as they are the primary muscles being worked.

To answer your question though there are very few exercises i can think of when it comes to arms where your elbows should flare out(other than elbows out extensions and such designed to train that motion). BB curls should be done with elbows tucked no matter what, i have actually stuck plates in between trainies arms while doing this movement to ensure no cheating is done. Change your grip all you want but try to keep your elbows tucked during most exercises.

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