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Default Re: All in a year, Dictations of my massive body (soon to be)

Well Itís Monday and Iím about to blow your mind with this freaking crazy back and leg workout. All sets 12-12-8-8-6.
5 sets Standing calf raises machine 12lbs
5 sets Heavy squats 315-405-475-525-555
5 sets Seated incline machine presses 225-315-405-495-565 OUCH
5 sets Zercher squats 225 all five sets
Barbell squats 2 sets of 100 just the 45lb bar (sick)

5 sets Prone dumbbell flyís 45-45-35-35-25
5 sets Two arm dumbbell pulloverís 45lbs
5 sets Standing cable face pulls 60lbs
5 sets One arm long bar rows 65-45-45-35-25
5 sets Dead lift 225lbs

Somebody call the life squad my legs are dead; no wait they are shaking sitting here at this computer, they must be in shock yes yes yes yes yes yes. Itís about to get freaky.

On my way to getting massive; nothing can stop me now.
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