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I would opt for the instructor to know which flaws to stress. At first, when the athlete is completely new to the lift, some things may be important, while others aren't necessary to comment on. If we take the puzzle example again, it's always easier to start with corners and edges, and then you can continue building on that.

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This is excellent advice, Will.

It is commonly advised to critique starting with big errors, then later going to small errors. This is to avoid information overload.

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Excellent insights. It should also be pointed out that correcting the larger errors may indirectly correct the smaller errors. Also there can often be a hierarchy of errors in performance where one error will lead to another will lead to another.

For example, in weightlifting lets say our learner has three major errors: he is rounding his back (not maintaining a strong arch), he is keeping his head down and he is not reaching full extension.

The coach needs to decide which of these errors is most important in the hierarchy. Sometimes correcting just one of the errors can indirectly cause correction of the ther errors.

Here we could stress to the learner the importance of keeping the head up during the lift. If they correct this problem, it will induce a more upright upper body position which may place the back in a stronger arch position. This in turn will give the learner a stronger base of support, a more upright position through the pull of the lifts and resultantly help them fully extend in the pull phases of the lifts.

So in this example (and I myself have seen this happen in a practical setting) we have only instructed the learner in correction of one error, but this correction has actually aided in the correction of three major erros!
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