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Default Re: the art of coaching: feedback, modelling and skill failure.

G'day. This is very interesting. In our dance classes the teacher demonstrates a move and everyone has to copy that move. Some times the move is complex and she only shows us a few times and then leaves everyone to their own interpretation. It makes for an interesting ten minutes while we all sort it out in our heads. Then adapt to fit in with all the other dancers. The attitude of the people is interesting. Some find it all to hard, some find it silly and want to complain till they get it. Some just accept the mistakes and just get on with it till the move finaly works. Sometimes you'll go so well for a while and then for no reason you'll make mistake after mistake and then a big effort is required to get going again.
The teacher is interesting as she has to deal (or not deal) with everyones personalities and ideas of what is going on. She does it well.
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