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Protein Pancakes (no carbs)
one of my personal favs which im sure has been posted before but here we go
1scoop on choc whey
6 egg whites
splenda(as much as u desire)
cinnamon(as much as u want)

Directions:Mix all these in a blender and pour into pan, wait 1-2 mins then flip for another min or so.

carbs:about 2 grams

[/ QUOTE ]

I added up ground up oats into the blender mix and I think that topped it off for me.Helped make it a bit thicker like pancake batter AND I get those low digestion carbs in the morning if I replace my bowl of oatmeal with your protein pancakes + ground oat mix. mmmm

top it with some spray on (no carb, no fat, no cal) butter, and possibly a little sugar free, low cal syrup
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