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Default Re: Research Question of the Week: How to Optimize Fat Efficiency in the Diet

I have a link with coconut oil used for control of obesity:

1: Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 1998 Oct;22(10):974-9. Related Articles, Links

Energy restriction with high-fat diet enriched with coconut oil gives higher UCP1 and lower white fat in rats.

Portillo MP, Serra F, Simon E, del Barrio AS, Palou A.

Nutrition and Food Science, University of Basc Country, Vitoria, Spain.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of overfeeding on a high fat diet, enriched in coconut oil, and the influence of food restriction on the uncoupling protein (UCP1) expression and on body fat content. DESIGN AND SUBJECTS: In experiment I, female Wistar rats were fed ad libitum either a normal-fat diet (control group, C) or a high-fat diet (HF), enriched in coconut oil, for 7 weeks. In experiment II, HF rats after finishing experiment I were fed (for 3 weeks) either the normal-fat diet (group CAHF, Control After High Fat) or food restricted diets which provided 60% of the energy intake of group CAHF: a group fed a low-energy, normal-fat diet (LENF) and another fed a low-energy, high-fat diet (LEHF). MEASUREMENTS: Body and fatty depot weights. Food intake. Protein and UCP1 levels of interscapular brown adipose tissue. RESULTS: High-fat diet feeding promoted an increase in body fat content, body weight and UCP1 levels. Energy restriction induced similar body weight reduction in groups LENF and LEHF. However, some adipose depots were more strongly reduced in the rats fed the high-fat diet enriched in coconut oil (group LEHF) than in the rats fed the normal-fat diet (Group LENF). Specific UCP1 was 2.0 (group LENF) and 3.4 (group LEHF) times higher than in controls (group CAHF). CONCLUSION: The coconut-oil enriched diet is effective in stimulating UCP1 expression during ad libitum feeding and in preventing its down regulation during food restriction, and this goes hand in hand with a decrease of the white fat stores.
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