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Default Re: No pain, but tendon \"pops\" back and forth under elbow.

Good thoughts. I know that my left bi is much weaker than my right, but cathching up the more I focus on it. Really, really trying to keep good form there and tune into the left. It'll get there.

The tri? I just got back from doing chest, and the limiting factor on my left side seems to be my tri. It may be worth noting that I never do barbell chest work anymore, always dumbells. Barbells seem to only hit my shoulders.

Recently, with dumbells, I cannot seem to dial in the left pec quite right. Is it a strength thing? or am I so concentracted on trying to work aroung this "pop" that I'm not concentrating on contracting my left pec.

On benchwork it pops at 90 degrees. I can almost work around it, but my range is just less than 90, and I feel like I'm cheating.

Here's something else I've noticed. In curls, when the left fails, my shoulder immediatly comes up, and I go into a "scooping" sort of motion rather than a nice arc. As soon as I get to that point, I stop, and lower the weight on the next set if needed. I can still get the weight up, but it's with a really goofy angle that doesn't seem to hit anything real well.

I may try that elbow strap. Do you have one you can point me to online that works well? Are you just talking about the neoprene (sp?) brace like things?

Thanks for everyone's help.
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