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Default Re: Okay, I need advice on dealing with this boyfriend dude o\' mine...

I have a bit of a different view on this situation and since I'm 28 also, I figured I'd share my thoughts.

I'm 28, single, never been married and I have no kids. In the past 2 to 3 years since my last serious relationship, I've "dated" quite a few girls. When I date these girls, it's to see how much we have in common. If after a few dates or even a few weeks I don't feel like it's heading somewhere, I'll just let it drift off...especially if we haven't had "the talk". I don't do this to be insensitive but I can just imagine what a girl would think if I told her that I wanted to break up after only a few dates. Now if we had "the talk", then of course that changes everything.

I get the impression though that J didn't think that you two were as serious as you thought you were. And if you never had "the talk", then I could understand why he wouldn't want to officially break up with you.

Maybe I'm way off here but I just thought I'd share my thoughts.

One last thing, right now I'm dating a girl who is unbelievable! From the first time I met her, it just clicked. We've had many "talks" and we're both not looking to rush things, although we're both commited to eachother. (It took a lot of dating though to find her)
The reason I'm bringing this up is because regardless of what really happened with J, let it go and move on. Don't even think about it. Also, don't settle for anything less then what you deserve. J obviously doesn't deserve you so don't give him anymore of your attention. I promise you that there's someone out there who will make you forget all about what's his name if you are just patient enough.

Hope this helps a little.

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