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Default Re: not a female, but I just had to get this off my chest

I don't like too much muscle on a woman, it makes them look a bit like a man with no hip, lower body muscle is fine, but upper body?!!! :S

[/ QUOTE ]

there is always a line to draw for how much muscle, but toned arms? shoulders? a nice shoulder to waist ratio, abs? those are all great!!! 90% of girls, even in clubs (the obvious place to find goodlooking women) don't come close to girls at the gym. and im not some weirdo with a buff girl fetish, i even got my friends that don't workout to agree with me -- they were in a headlock.

wait... did i mention the lower back? i have to mention it again even if I did the first time, I love that gap formed at the spine around the lower back, that indented snake I like to call it.

keep it up ladies, you're so beautiful.
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