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Default Re: eating, training, and menstruation

No, I'm actually from Miami, Fl. Why do you ask?

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was hoping we had another Canadian addition to the site [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]. I just like knowing where people live in case i ever go on a trip somewhere i would want to meet up with some fellow ABCers.

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But back to sharing personal lives. Me personally I have a complex too. I have to be perfect at everything. People tell me all the time you can't be amazing at everything. But my gift is I am generally good at everything, like you said about totally lacking somewhere else. I really don't lack anywhere I just do well at everything, and THAT is were I excel, as abstract as that sounds. I can be social and make friends with anyone, I can sit in my room and write moving music, I can play a sport for a week and be able to handle myself, it's just what I do. And I just absorb stuff, people my age don't like it though, like who really cares that they found quark Gluon plasma? Or that they only made it last 200 trillionths of a second? Apparently not people my age. And funny enough I only care about that because it supports creationism, try and get people interested in THAT...haha, did'nt think so.

PS how tall are you?