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Default Re: eating, training, and menstruation

Ooh, time to share our personal lives where the whole world can acess them because of my lack of posts. I hate saying good things about myself, I have some kind of complex. But anyway I want to be a model because I am basically perfect for it. I'm not saying I'm gorgeous, I'm saying I was born with a well sculpted face, proportioned body, and I'm freakin tall. Oh, and I have a passion for clothes and fashion and couture in general. I absolutely love it.

I have never been tested in anything really. My dad only went up to the 5th grade in schooling in Turkey, but he's 10 times smarter than just about everyone I know. (he didn't need the schooling, he just went into the family business of jewelery.) So I know what you mean about being "smart." There's a different between knowledge and wisdom. The only thing I can really do...well, okay, I have a great memory. I soak things in like a sponge. I can remember mostly everything from when I was a child, from the the first time I was sick to the first argument I had with my mom. So basically when others have to study, I just pay attention and recall mostly everything. I don't claim to be a genius and half the time being myself is acting like a complete dope.

I like to say where one reigns supreme somewhere, they lack it somewhere else. I've known this kid since I was in kindergarden, he got like a 1580 on his SAT, and I swear to god he's slept through every class ever. Thats all he does. He wakes up every morning at 5 AM to play online games like warcraft or time crisis I think it was. (I forget which one of my friends plays which sometimes...)But he's almost 18 and he doesn't really know about girls and interacting with others and such. He's just too busy in his own little world of being smart. He's actually kind of hot, and most our friends are mutual, but he's just lacking so much of the outside world.

I do want to make a lot of money. I love the feeling of security money gives me. Modeling kills two birds with one stone for me because I'd get money and clothes/fashion-y stuff. If I can't model, I'd want to be a nutrionist or a pyschiatrist or maybe someone that deals with eating disorders, which is like a mixture of the two.

I ramble. I'm sorry.
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