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Default Re: eating, training, and menstruation

I love the profanity too, as long as I'm the one using it.

I meant I hope technology advances until I would get the incision, so by the time it actually happens, they would make a very small one, have something to make it become less visible, etc.

When I was young I was offered several positions for modeling, because I was tall and skinny and european. My parents never let me do it, but I was too young to understand then. After pueberty I got really fat. Now I dropped my weight 60 lb and am struggling to get back to my normal state of being tall and skinny again. Now I actually want to model because someone pointed it out to me that I could do it. (I was used to being fat) I told my dad and he got super mad. He thinks I'm waaay to smart to become a model because of my thoughts, grades, SAT scores, etc. I think it would be a waste either way really. Either waste my model looks or waste my knowledge. So I am going to wait until I am 18 (which by then I will be the perfect weight) and see what happens.

I would love to PM you but I need 150 posts...When I get them I will.

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Haha, start posting! Jk. I got offered when I was young too, and my moms friend works for an agency she saw me and mentioned it, the weird thing is i'm only 5'11" which does'nt happen often. But about the too smart thing. That does'nt have to be a bad thing. Not to sound conceided but I went through like half a year of testing because I kept doing so well in proficiency tests and stuff. With memory, motor skills, problem solving. And they were pretty much blown away by it. They got me onto mensa at 13 and I got 179. Now the thing is If I have'nt gotten any smarter then i'm down pretty significantly. HOWEVER I feel that alot of the stuff I've learned lately have been alot different than studying books if that makes sense. We'll call it wisdom for lack of a better word. I'm glad I did'nt do the enriched programming they offered me or I might have silicon syndrome. Where you basically are isolated with social mishaps because most geniuses are and you turn into one. Which I'm happy I did'nt do. The point IS, if you have the brains you can make boatloads of money doing ANYTHING that includes modeling. Well thats my autobiography. Hope you enjoyed it. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]