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Default Re: eating, training, and menstruation

I love the profanity too, as long as I'm the one using it.

I meant I hope technology advances until I would get the incision, so by the time it actually happens, they would make a very small one, have something to make it become less visible, etc.

When I was young I was offered several positions for modeling, because I was tall and skinny and european. My parents never let me do it, but I was too young to understand then. After pueberty I got really fat. Now I dropped my weight 60 lb and am struggling to get back to my normal state of being tall and skinny again. Now I actually want to model because someone pointed it out to me that I could do it. (I was used to being fat) I told my dad and he got super mad. He thinks I'm waaay to smart to become a model because of my thoughts, grades, SAT scores, etc. I think it would be a waste either way really. Either waste my model looks or waste my knowledge. So I am going to wait until I am 18 (which by then I will be the perfect weight) and see what happens.

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