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Default Re: eating, training, and menstruation

Well in reality each one has its own complications, they're just very different from each other. And I'm hoping by the time I have kids, the scar will be minimized to a great extent. Not that I really care, but I want to be a model, but until I'm 18, thats not happening.

I can see why you say its a bonding experience. Nothing brings a couple closer than the woman screaming profanities at her husband. No I'm kidding, I really see what you're saying.

[/ QUOTE ]

The guys love the profanity, don't worry. But what do you mean by have the scar reduced by the time you have kids? I don't really understand it. And I actually made a post about modeling a while ago. I was gonna get into it was offered a position and stuff. I'd like to know how yours is goin. PM if you like.