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Default Re: eating, training, and menstruation

girls ya'll are lucky mine super bad- I have endometriosis. Which is the mother of all periods. You talk about cramps these make you bend over, knock the breath out of you - girl don't get me started. I pray that no one here gets it or has it.

As far as helping cramps try a heating pad. For energy, take iron you lose it when you bleed. There are numerous reasons to take calcium so take it - plain and simple but make sure it has vitamin D in so you can absorb it. To cover all the bases get on a good multi-vitamin.

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Watch out for a multi-vit if you need the calcium, magnesium and calcium fight aggressivey for absorption and nearly never get absorbed. I suggest takin the calcium and multi/vit an hour apart if it has magnesium. And my mom used to lay in bed with 2 water bottles, one her stomach and one under her back. Try that. Good luck girl.