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Default Re: need a ab workout

Get your body fat % assessed first. Everybody is different. Are you still nursing? Nursing helps increase metabolism. *at least for me* in reality what you consume while nursing is just 300 cals more than your regular maintenance cals.

After the body fat % test is done, then you can assess how much to lose over a period of time.

I would say, have short term buying a 1 or 2 dress size smaller on an item for you to wear and aim for that in 2-3 months. Remember that the concern is not really weight but how much of that weight is fat, also, we are looking at overall lots of changes will happen internally before you see them. This is a long term, lifestyle commitment.

The 13 week fat burning diet gives you to start making this a life long commitment in taking care of your body learning the basics of healthy eating and exercising.


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